Our Promise

Generic & Biosimilar Medicines Southern Africa


By joining the GBM your company benefits from a collective, unified industry voice that ensures greater access and local impact to key industry stakeholders

Key Areas where the GBM is making a difference:


The GBM is a consensus-driven association that seeks to build a common industry view. Proactive and constructive engagement with regulatory, government and policy stakeholders.

Working towards creating an environment conducive to the growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa, and beyond.

Ensuring that our efforts at policy and strategic level proactively contributes to and informs healthcare policies and reforms.

Maximizing industry knowledge and relationships to create positive change within the healthcare environment.

Assisting in advocating equitable pricing to ensure the viability of the industry while also providing a cost effective healthcare system through competition.

Policy Advice

Providing leadership and insight on legislative, scientific and technical, pricing, trade and tender issues.

Offering a better understanding of the increasingly complex regulatory environment in Southern Africa and easing the legislative burden for our members.

Keeping members updated on the constantly evolving requirements within South Africa’s market through intense scrutiny of policy makers and regulatory authorities.

Monitoring of industry developments thereby ensuring industry input and response on all relevant pharmaceutical matters pertaining to generic and biosimilar medicines.

Collectively working with other lobbying associations on joint issues to maximise exposure, bargaining presence, stakeholder engagement contacts and impact.

Keeping members informed through proper reporting channels on the activities of the various sub- committees.

Providing an intellectual property framework that rewards research and innovation while still allowing reasonable access for generic companies to commercialise these inventions after patent expiry.

Improving Efficiencies

At GBM we are working with government to find ways to help improve efficiencies within South Africa’s regulatory and registration bodies.

Promoting the use of generics, by increasing market share in South Africa and through encouraging increased registration and use of generic and biosimilar medicines.

Helping to shape best practices, effective public policy and delivery and core service values for the industry.

The GBM assists in ensuring that its members are able to operate in a fair and equitable environment

The GBM lobbies government and regulatory bodies to ensure a fair playing field and regulations that benefit its members

Collective Local Representation

The GBM represents interests of a diverse group of generic companies including importers and local manufacturers, as well as multinational companies with generic and biosimilar medicines platforms.

The GBM seeks to be the preferred communication channel for industry and between industry and various stakeholders.

The GBM is the voice of the sector, representing all members equally, at all levels and on all issues.

Members can enjoy the broad networking opportunities with other GBM members and stakeholders.

International Reach

The GBM benefits its members through its membership of the International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (IGBA) by offering networking and educational activities. It also allows input into such August bodies as the WHO, WTO, WIPO and ICH.

Informing policy and regulatory issues within SADC to the benefit of our members.

Keeping members updated on the pharmaceutical and regulatory landscape on an African and broader international level.

Generics Education

The GBM looks at finding innovative and informative ways in which to educate all stakeholders as to the benefits of generic medicine.

Educating the general public on the benefits of using generic and biosimilar medicines.

The promotion of a vibrant generic industry providing greater access to quality medicine.