Biosimilar Medicine

Generic & Biosimilar Medicines Southern Africa

The era of biological medicines
Since their first use in the 1980s, biological medicines (including biosimilar medicines) have grown to become an indispensable tool in modern medicine. Worldwide, millions of patients have already benefited from approved biological medicines, but what exactly are they, and how are they produced?

Biosimilar medicines — rising to the cost challenge
Addressing the rising cost of biological medicines has become a priority for governments and healthcare systems around the globe.
Biosimilar medicines are providing more cost-effective biological treatments, but what are biosimilar medicines, and how do they meet this challenge?

The benefits of biosimilar medicines
Biosimilar medicines have demonstrated similarity with reference biologicals in terms of structure, function, safety and efficacy, but what are their benefits?

Biological medicines ― the major social and economic challenges
The global spend on pharmaceuticals continues to increase. The use of biological medicines offers new treatment choices to patients, but at a high financial cost. What are the challenges faced by payers and physicians in preserving access to biological medicines within a financially constrained healthcare system?

Biosimilar medicines — a commitment to scientific excellence
With biosimilar medicines, patients and healthcare providers benefit from high quality and efficacious therapeutic alternatives.
But how are biosimilar medicines developed, and how is their efficacy and safety ensured?

Building on the experience and success of biosimilar medicines
Biosimilar medicines are increasingly becoming an integral part of modern healthcare systems, so what does the future hold?

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