IGBA establishes a CEO Advisory Committee

The International Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association (IGBA) announced today that it has established a CEO Advisory Committee composed of thirteen leading multinational companies from Canada, Europe, India, Israel, Japan and the United States

Committee members are:

Chirag Patel, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer – Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Jeff Watson, President and Chief Executive Officer – Apotex Inc.

Pankaj Patel, Chairman – Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Samina Hamied, Executive Vice-Chairperson – Cipla Ltd.

Satish Reddy, Chairman – Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Lucas Sigman, Chief Executive Officer – Insud Pharma S.L.

Vinita Gupta, Chief Executive Officer – Lupin Ltd.

Richard Saynor, Chief Executive Officer – Sandoz AG

Peter Goldschmidt, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Executive Board – STADA Arzneimittel AG

Dilip Shanghvi, Managing Director – Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Kåre Schultz, President and Chief Executive Officer – Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.

David Peix, Chief Executive Officer – Towa Pharma International Holdings S.L.

Michael Goettler, Chief Executive Officer – Viatris Inc.

This Committee provides a forum for industry leaders to discuss broad, strategic issues, and to engage and position the industry on a range of critical policy issues. 

“The establishment of this CEO Advisory Committee is transformative for our Association” said Vivian Frittelli, IGBA Chair. “This is the first time that the generic and biosimilar medicines industry’s company leadership has united in a structured framework, enabling a collective voice in the global pharmaceutical space”, he added.

Suzette Kox, IGBA Secretary Generaladded “This industry has clearly lived up to the challenges posed by the pandemic. In many instances, there is now clear recognition that the generic and biosimilar medicines industry is the answer for affordable and sustainable solutions in such situations and beyond”. “It is vital that generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines now become central to global healthcare policies,” she concluded.

Advisory Committee members’ quotes

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