Generic & Biosimilar Medicines Southern Africa

Now rebranded as Generic and Biosimilar Medicines of Southern Africa (GBM), the National Association  of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (NAPM) was established in 1977 as a Section 21 Trade Association. It is a voluntary, non-profit organisation whose members are South African and International Generics based Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. The NAPM/GBM has a diverse membership comprising of manufacturing, importing and regulatory companies. Part of the NAPM/GBM’s function is to ensure that the sector plays a constructive role in our country’s economic growth, development and transformation and thereby create an environment in which the sector can thrive, expand, be competitive and enhance access of medicines to all of our country’s citizens.

The GBM supports Government’s objectives of

  1. Increasing life expectancy of South Africans
  2. Decreasing maternal and child mortality
  3. Combatting  HIV / Aids , TB and Non-communicable diseases
  4. Strengthening health system effectiveness.

The former NAPM is a founder  member  of The  Southern African Generics Manufacturers Association (SAGMA) and an  executive committee member of the International Generics Pharmaceutical Alliance (IGPA).

Our mission and vision

We aim to champion affordable and accessible healthcare by promoting the use of quality, safe and effective generic and biosimilar medicines  and support the development of the South African pharmaceutical industry as a national asset.

We are willing to play our part in assisting to improve the  efficiency of the regulatory system which will in turn help speed up the registration of generic drugs and lead to further access by patients.

Our Objectives

To promote the use and development of Generic and Biosimilar medicines

Support our membership in creating improved access to medicines

Develop the local pharmaceutical industry as a whole

To participate in policy advisory forums


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